Paint Correction Package

  • 24 hours
  • Starting from £479
  • Location 1

Service Description

- First the pre wash chemical and snow foams are use to remove and much dirt as possible before moving on to a contact wash. - Wheels are deep cleaned (removing iron particles & tar spots). - Vehicle is then washed following the two bucket wash method. - Chemical decontamination is then followed up on all exterior surfaces (removing iron particles & tar spots). - Another layer of snow foam and the clay bar is out, clay baring paint and glass (removing any left over contamination unseen by the human eye). - Another layer of snow foam applied left to dwell, then thoroughly rinsed. - Plush microfibre drying towels and blown dried with forced hot air. - Full IPA panel wipe to all exterior surfaces (removing any left over residue from the decontamination. - Inspection lights and lamp turned on to assess the paintwork for swirls, Marring & imperfections. - Once the paintworks assessed, we will choose our heavy cut compound to remove the deeper swirls and slight deeper scrathes the single stage enhancement wouldn't. -Heavy cutting stage complete. Moving onto the refining stage, a light cutting compound/polish is then used to remove the slight haze left from the heavy cutting stage boosting the clarity and absolute amazing gloss level in the paintwork. - Polishing complete, we IPA panel wipe the full exterior once again (removing any oil/residue left from the polishing stage allowing maximum bond for the final step) - Lite Ceramic Coating is then applied to all exterior surfaces (Providing upto 12 months protection to all Paintwork, Glass, Trims & Wheel faces). After a longer lasting protection? Check out our ceramic coating packages to add-on !

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